A solid workflow in FMOD, Wwise, WaveLab, Ableton Live and Cubase has allowed me to design sounds, systems, and ambiences for video games. I am also a video games composer who predominantly writes orchestral and electronic music.

I have completed an MA In Composing for Video Games. Through this, I have gained a deeper understanding of both cinematic composition and its orchestration. The course focuses on middleware implementation, sound design and audio production.

I received an Honors Arts degree from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). The degree specializes in music and performance. At DIT, I learned about the music business, musical collaboration, and styles. I have gained the skills to write within a wide variety of styles such as jazz, rock, latin, funk and pop as well as write within a hybrid/fusion of these styles.

Throughout my degree, I was involved in many projects as a drummer, a pianist and as a composer. One worth mentioning was ‘Yonen’. Yonen was an instrumental jazz fusion project I performed in for 5 years. It was during these years I realized I wanted to create music, sounds, and systems for video games. During this instrumental project, I hired game designers to create and explore visuals for our music. Seeing my music and sounds visually portrayed was deeply gratifying and has propelled me into composition and sound design for video games.

My interest lies in being part of a motivated team, united by a vision to create an inspiring product. I take great pride in the versatility I have as a composer, sound designer and as a communicator. I believe in respecting cross-department suggestions while understanding the importance of the chain of command. Furthermore, I believe it is integral that above all else, a professional yet friendly environment is essential to the success of the product.

I am Looking for new and exciting projects,